helps your farm to grow

Detailed plant planning

Oversee and optimise production planning to meet demand

Full lifecycle management

Manage the entire crop lifecycle—from land preparation through to planting, fertiliser drops, spraying, weeding and harvest.

Information and activity management

Minimise the potential for mistakes by tracking activities with interactive worksheets. Ensure that your staff know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Harvest and production management

Ensure withholding periods are maintained and sales staff are up to date with harvest schedules.

Detailed records and integrated order management

Access detailed records for each crop. Send offers, dispatch notices and QA reports to customers directly from Apunga.

Inventory and cost management

Keep track of your inventory, create purchase orders for suppliers and enable goods receipts tracking. Access accurate cost reporting and cost forecasting data.

Safeguards and compliance

Tack all activities in one place, so you can easily fulfil even the most stringent compliance and QA reporting requirements.

Complete planning control

Manage your farm to your predetermined strategy, safe in the knowledge that Apunga is flexible enough to evolve as your priorities and plans change.



"The scheduling and planning ability of apunga has streamlined our planting, especially transitioning between seasons. This feature alone makes the system worthwhile."
Hugh Reardon
Australian Fresh Salads
"Moving to a paperless farm with apunga makes audit time effortless. I previously used to dread Freshcare certification, now all my records are in one place."
Ryan McLeod
Drinan Farming Co.
"The technology is user friendly, the uptake by all of staff has really been quite smooth"

Rodney Denning
Farm Manager,
Australian Fresh Salads